Build International Listings on Amazon – Pros and Cons

Over 150 million people use Amazon to sell and purchase their products, and there are more than 300 million active customer accounts worldwide (source: To increase the diversification, Amazon has introduced a Build International listings tool for its customers. This tool helps sellers to increase their profit and sales drastically!

Amazon’s Build International listings tool has created unexpected ways to increase business for sellers. This powerful tool allows the sellers to create an offer from one source to various target marketplaces to gain customers from the international market and maximize sales.

The primary purpose of the Amazon Build International Listings tool

The primary purpose of Amazon’s Build international listings is to maximize the profit of sellers. It is an effective tool that lists your products on multiple marketplaces across the world. It has created many opportunities for sellers and has made things much easier!

Advantages of Amazon’s Build International Listings tool

  • This tool generates offers for only current products.
  • It helps to increase the sales of your products internationally.
  • It also lists your items on various marketplaces, which increases your customers.
  • This tool adjusts your prices on multiple marketplaces based on your source marketplace price.
  • It doesn’t consume much time and works fast.

Disadvantages Amazon’s Build International Listings tool

  • It doesn’t allow products whose ASINs are not created to be listed in the market.
  • Mistranslation of product listings in international markets can lose customer interest.
  • Risk of listing your products in the wrong size.

Invest in the right Repricing tool!

The build international listing tool adjusts your prices in various marketplaces by looking at your source market prices. But this tool doesn’t help you choose the prices that offer you the highest sales and profit margin while beating other competitors and staying ahead in the market!

However, it’s better to choose a repricing tool that keeps track of your prices efficiently for each region.

Choose Alpha Repricing tool, which is the fastest Amazon repricing tool. And it can be an excellent complement for your Amazon international services and expansion.


When it comes to eCommerce expansion, it is beneficial to use the build international listing tool to synchronize your prices across various marketplaces.

Besides the pros of this tool, it is also necessary to focus on the risk factors. But using it accurately can be effective for you to increase your sales and profit!

It is also important to choose an instant repricing tool to adjust your prices in the marketplace!

Try Alpha Repricer. It is an instant and continuous repricing tool and reprices for you in 2 minutes. Moreover, it keeps your prices competitive ahead of your competitors and helps you win the Buy Box more often!

So what are you waiting for? SIGNUP or contact us now for our free 14-day trial and experience it yourself!

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