Many sellers often start their journey by choosing the retail arbitrage business model on Amazon. However, sellers eventually shift to offering private label products in order to maximize their sales and profits and grow their business in the long run. However, you must have appropriate information, tools, and the best Amazon repricer to boost your private label business on Amazon. But the main question is, how do you even get to that stage? 

Well, if you wish to start offering private label products on Amazon and don’t know where to begin, then this post is for you! 

What exactly are private label products?

Items that are manufactured by a separate company or business but branded, labeled, and marketed by another are known as private label products. There are certain private label brands on Amazon that you might be familiar with, such as Happy Bell or Kirkland. Private label products are given additional attention by businesses in order to increase sales and profit margins. 

Why is selling private label products important?

Private label products allow sellers to have more negotiating and bargaining leverage with suppliers as well as give them higher margins. While consumers benefit from having another option at a lower price than other costly, branded items. CVS, which is a pharmacy brand, demonstrated this point by claiming that their private label products are a lot more profitable for the company, but they are also more cost-effective for the customers than other available brands. 

Factors to consider before choosing private label products to sell on Amazon:

The most critical component in achieving private label success is the selection of profitable, trendy products. That is why we will look at how to locate potential items and what are the nine factors to consider before choosing a private label product to sell on Amazon.

The price range should stay within $50

The optimal price range to start with is between $20 to $50. There are two main advantages of offering cheaper items on Amazon. First, it reduces your investment risk initially by giving you a chance to test out your products without the fear of losing a lot of money. Second, it attracts customers and allows you to grow traffic on your product page. However, many items on Amazon are available for a few pennies less than $20. So make sure to start your product research at $19 to not miss out on any profitable item that comes at a lesser cost. 

Choose the product that is available all year 

Avoid considering seasonal products and focus on offering private label products that you can sell all year. Products that are year-round will provide you with a continuous cash flow, ensuring you don’t rely on seasonal sales. 

Don’t offer heavier products 

Most of the sellers avoid selling bigger products. Why? Well, heavier products cost you more money to ship, package, and store. They can be a costly investment and if you are new in the private labeling business, you might not want to invest that much initially. Lighter products will help you get more profit and cost you a lot less.

Choose FBA eligible products 

Search for items that are qualified for the Fulfillment by Amazon program. If you are an FBM seller right now, then switching to FBA will save you money that you spend on the rent of your warehouse. Moreover, FBA also offers faster shipping than other shipping options, which helps in improving the customer experience and allows you to scale your business more quickly.

Skip selling complicated or restricted products 

If you are new to private labeling, we would suggest you not choose complicated product categories, such as electronics. Offering electronic items on Amazon can be fun and games till they start giving you a headache while dealing with customer complaints. Moreover, clothing products and fashion can also be quite complicated as they require you to mention all the necessary details such as sizes, and colors for each SKU. Plus, such items come with a lot of competition and if you are new, then you should avoid them for now until you are ready.

Software, music, jewelry, watches, beauty, and other similar categories are the ones that require Amazon permission if you want to sell them on the platform. Avoid complexities, and start with simpler products. 

Go through product reviews

Make sure to read all the reviews of the product you are considering selling to know what customers have to say about the item and obtain suggestions for improvements. Plus, stick to products with 150 or fewer reviews because they may still be new on the platform with lesser competition. 

Don’t choose top-selling items 

Choosing top-selling products can come with a lot of competition. Make sure to not get your hopes high initially and expect an average sales volume if you are dealing with an in-demand product. Order your inventory accordingly to enter the market with ease while beating the existing competitors. 

Pick easy-going products 

It is important to choose products that are easier to find, manufacture, and supply. Choose items that don’t require you to fill in a lot of documents or get you in unnecessary paperwork. Moreover, pick products that you can easily source from the suppliers that are present on or other marketplaces. 

Evaluate market demand 

You choose the perfect product by noticing two major points:

  1. Fewer competitors in the market
  2. High sales and search volume 

Make sure that your product ticks these two boxes and analyze all the market reports present on the web as well as take the help of other product research tools to find out the total market demand. 

In conclusion, 

Finding the perfect private label product for your Amazon business is not a difficult task if you know about the factors you must consider while choosing your product. However, once you are done finding the right product, invest in repricing software to boost your sales and stay competitive on the platform. Sign up with Alpha Repricer now.


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