Amazon has completely changed the game of eCommerce across the world. As a seller, it can be an excellent opportunity for you to improve your sales by selling groceries on Amazon. But, this is not an easy process. You are required to get approval in the ungated food category before you start selling.

Amazon has become a pivotal part of everyday life for many people all over the world. As a gargantuan retailer Amazon has an infrastructure that allows shoppers to rely on their high-quality service. However, as a grocery seller on Amazon you can build a good relationship with your customers. They are willing to shop on Amazon knowing that their standards are high. This can help you increase your sales and grow a customer base that trusts you as an Amazon seller. You just need to meet Amazon’s requirements and standards. If you want to know how to sell groceries on Amazon, then read on.

1.      Get Approval

Before selling groceries on Amazon, you need to get approval. Gourmet food and Grocery fall under the gated category. These are restricted products, so first, you have to get ungated in order to sell on Amazon.

2.      Fulfill all the requirements

 It is necessary to meet all the requirements and standards of Amazon. There are a few requirements that you need to fulfill in order to stay one step ahead. These requirements include;

  • Signup for a professional selling account that may cost you around $39.99 per month.
  • Submit the required documents to Amazon that include product invoices, important information related to the products you are selling on Amazon.
  • Order defect rate must be below 1%.
  • The pre-fulfillment cancel rate has to be less than 2.5%.
  • And the late shipment rate should not exceed 4%.

3.      Packaging requirements

There are specific packaging requirements for food or grocery items that every Amazon seller need to know about:

  • The food or grocery products need to be packed accurately and must be sealed appropriately to prevent the food from getting spoiled or damaged
  • Make sure that the packaging of food protects the safety and quality of the food.
  • Each packaged product must contain the necessary information, such as the expiration dates, net weight, and dietary claims.

4.      Shelf life requirements

Every product in the Grocery or Gourmet food category contains a shelf life. The shelf life of products helps the buyers to know about the initial and decline phase of products. Perishable products that you sell via FBA must have a shelf life of over 90 days, including the consumption period. Moreover, Amazon will directly remove units from their warehouse if they are less than 50 days from expiration.

Temperature-sensitive products must be kept at a minimum temperature of 50 degrees or at least a maximum temperature of 100 degrees. If the product quality is affected, Amazon will dispose of them from the warehouse. Thus, Amazon only accepts temperature-sensitive products between October 1 till April 30 of every year.

5.      Listing requirements

There are a few product listing requirements that you need to go through before building up your product listings on Amazon.

  • The Grocery and Gourmet food products must contain images of the nutritional and ingredients information.
  • The images added on the product pages must be of 300-dpi minimum. Thus, 1000 dpi images are used for zoom functionality.
  • All the images must contain the products that are included for sale. However, you cannot include the images of unnecessary products.

6.      Shipping requirements

There are a few shipping requirements that you must know in order to avoid any difficulty. Let’s have a look at them;

  • Mention your complete name and address with the name of your product.
  • The name of your country or state.
  • The name of the person you are delivering the product to


Amazon sets certain rules and regulations that you need to follow in order to sell Groceries on Amazon. Grocery and Gourmet food comes under the gated category, so sellers must follow the above requirements and become ungated.

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