Amazon is the most profitable online retailer that gives sellers plenty of opportunities to increase their profit margin and grow in the market. Amazon prime day is a service for Amazon prime members. It is an annual online shopping day for prime members. During this event, it offers its buyers a wide variety of deals, discounts on products, and much more!

Back in 2020, Amazon prime day crossed sales of 10.4 billion worldwide (source: In this way, it broke many unexpected records, making it the most popular and highly profitable event in Amazon’s history.

Amazon Prime members

Amazon Prime is the strength of Amazon. The Amazon Prime members are always on the go. According to the report, its membership boosted from 95 million to 103 million (source: seller central). It is a paid subscription and has also opened the gate for international shoppers. Besides ordering products, this app also offers more useful and impressive features like a two-day free shipping service, music, video streaming, and much more benefits.

Amazon Prime members enjoy many advantages, which is cost-effective as compared to the non-members. Its membership costs $119 per year or $12.99 per month. Amazon makes sure that it provides tremendous and outstanding comfort to its Prime Members.

What is an Amazon Prime Day?

Basically, Amazon prime day was launched by Amazon in 2015. It is an event of 48-hours, which takes place in July. Moreover, it allows its Prime members to get the products at discounted rates from Echo dots to Nike sneakers, electronic products and many more. It almost provides offers on all its products.

The prime day takes place in the US, Germany, Spain, and many other countries by providing fruitful benefits to its prime users.

Deals on Prime Day 2021

Amazon prime day offers many deals at discounted and low prices to its prime members. It is one of the most profitable and successful events conducted by Amazon for its prime members. We can expect many products this year that include Echo, Fire, Kindle models. Besides this, Prime members can also get discounts on kitchen appliances, electronics, games, baby care things, and much more.

In 2021, you can expect sales on almost everything and get the most of this opportunity, so get the prime membership and take all the benefits of this upcoming event!

How to Register yourself for Amazon Prime membership?

  1. To get yourself registered for Amazon prime, open the Amazon website.

(Source : Seller Central)

  • If you haven’t registered yourself on Amazon, then before continuing register yourself on Amazon.
  • On the Amazon app, tap on the menu icon, which is present on the top left. After that, tap on “Try Prime.”
  • After the above steps, click on “Start your 30-day Amazon Prime free trial”.

(Source : Seller Central)

  • Congratulations! You are now eligible for Amazon prime membership and can enjoy all the benefits that Amazon prime offers to its members.

Benefits of Amazon Prime Day!

  • It offers discount on wide range of products to its prime members.
  • The most important benefit of Amazon prime day is that you can enjoy fast and free two-day shipping services.
  • Lightning deals are only available for a few hours, but Amazon Prime members get an extra 30 minutes to get their hands on fantastic deals.
  • On this particular day, shoppers get a chance to save their money!
  • It is one of the record-breaking events conducted by Amazon.


Amazon prime day occurs in July, but it was shifted to October due to the pandemic last year. Prime deals are offered in 18 different countries by providing opportunities to its prime members. Moreover, it increases the overall revenue of Amazon!

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