Amazon has the second-highest number of buyers in the UK. Amazon has improved the online shopping services for its customers. Almost all the services offered by Amazon are available in the UK, such as Amazon FBA, Amazon Prime, and many more!

“According to a statistic, the net sales of Amazon UK in 2020 was $26,463 billion.”


 With the increase in competition for sellers on Amazon UK, it has become challenging for new sellers to enter the marketplace and start selling their products. But sometimes, major selling mistakes can ruin the overall reputation of your business and may cost you more than you ever expected!

Major selling mistakes that sellers can’t afford to make on Amazon UK

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Here are some of the significant mistakes that may cost the sellers on Amazon UK.

·         Creating Multiple accounts

As an Amazon seller creating more than a single account is highly prohibited by Amazon. It is against the rules and regulations of Amazon. By creating multiple accounts, sellers often use illegal and black hat techniques to stay ahead.

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If you are using multiple seller accounts on Amazon, you must not forget that Amazon is tracking your IPs. Once they found out, they will permanently ban your seller’s account, and you won’t be able to sell anymore.

·         Negative product reviews

Positive product reviews are the most essential element of your business growth. Sometimes even a minor mistake can lead you to bad reviews from your customers. Problems like damaged products, lesser quantity, the items not lasting as it guarantees, and many other issues may create a negative image in the minds of targeted customers or might affect your sales on Amazon UK.

Amazon UK

 “More than four negative reviews may decrease your business sales by 70%.”

 (Source: Hosting

Most customers check the reviews before buying any item, so negative reviews will eventually hold back your sales and growth on Amazon.

·         Rules and regulations set by Amazon

From Fulfillment by Amazon to FBA inventory shipments, Amazon has set rules and policies for its sellers. Amazon will immediately suspend a seller who violates Amazon policies and regulations. Amazon will not compromise on the quality of services provided to its customers.

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Selling inappropriate or unapproved products, having multiple accounts, and violating Amazon rules may lead you to Account suspension.

·         Mispricing

Setting prices too high or too low can highly affect your business’s sales and might lead you to failure. Nothing provokes buyers more than the high fluctuations in the market prices. If you want to keep the prices of your products competitive, you must use Amazon repricing software to stay competitive.

“Above 2.5 million price changes are noticed every day on Amazon.”


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    . Overstocking

While selling on Amazon UK, this is one of the most common mistakes sellers make, which is overstocking the products. It has many cons and can be highly expensive. Sellers often store items due to the product’s cheap cost or due to the high customer demand. Moreover, overstocking may cost you thousands of dollars if your sales drop. It can be challenging for you to pay extra charges or manage the products in bulk quantity.

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·         Using the wrong images or keywords in your product listings

 Using inauthentic images, ineffective content, and irrelevant keywords can hold back your profit. Before you start selling, you must use exact keywords and attractive images in your product listings to get more sales and profit on Amazon UK. Relevant keywords can help you rank higher and boost your seller’s ranking. Moreover, use effective and A+ content to give tough competition to other sellers.

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“According to 67% of people, the image quality is essential while making any purchase.”

(Source: kellyheck

Important things to know

  • The captured images must cover the 85% area of your products.
  • The title of your product must be between 60 to 80 characters.
  • Place relevant and high-quality keywords in your product listing.

·         Fulfillment by Amazon

Amazon FBA has removed all the hassles related to the shipment process. Amazon FBA picks, packs, and delivers the products to your customers and makes your shipment process easy and efficient.

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“According to a report by Statista,73% of the Amazon sellers use fulfillment by Amazon.”


 Sometimes as a new seller, it becomes challenging to use Amazon FBA. Sellers often become too careless after handing their products to Amazon FBA, and they forget to keep track of their inventory which can be costly. Moreover, it is important to be aware of the Amazon FBA and long-term storage fees to stay in the market for a good time.


Amazon UK is ranked on the fourth most profitable marketplaces across the world.  Sellers make many errors and mistakes while selling on Amazon UK, which ultimately cost them precious time and money. To grow as a seller, it is important to avoid all the mistakes that hold back your profit and opportunities to lead.

 An an efficient pricing strategy also helps you get more sales. It is an important element that can help you grow in any Amazon marketplace. To set your prices accurately, it is essential to use the right Amazon repricing tool. Any repricing tool that you prefer must be instant, continuous, and affordable.

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