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March, 1 2021

What 2021 will mean for Amazon Sellers?

What 2021 will mean for Amazon sellers

Everybody knows that 2020 was not an ideal year for many of us. The whole world went through a pandemic that took millions of lives. Covid-19 has entirely changed the system of eCommerce businesses around the world. In 2020, many consumers shifted towards buying online, which helped Amazon sellers gain huge sales and profit!

These unexpected events impact the way consumers are buying products. It affects their behavior, so Amazon sellers must know what their consumers expect and how they want their products to be?

In this article, you’ll get to know about the changes for Amazon sellers in 2021.

Changes for Amazon sellers in 2021

We all expect this year to be productive for us, but who knows what will happen in the future. However, here are some changes that we hope to see this year.

1. A better video content for Amazon sellers

Videos help the Amazon Sellers to showcase their products better. Sellers can help their customers know about the products they are selling in a much better and efficient way.
If you are an Amazon seller, you should make videos by discussing your product’s features and qualities. In this way, you’ll be able to satisfy your customers, and the buyers would also get a better understanding of your product.
Last year, Amazon announced that only the sellers who have been selling for at least one year would be able to upload the video. But let’s hope that Amazon will soon allow all sellers to upload videos, regardless of their seller account age.

2. The success of Amazon

In 2020, spending on Amazon between May and July increased up to 60% because people started shopping and selling online, boosting the company’s overall sales.
As we can see, covid-19 cases are still at their peak, so people are avoiding going outside. And most people still prefer to shop and sell things online.
We expect that 2021 to be a game-changer for Amazon sellers as well as buyers.

3. Huge competition among Amazon sellers

Many Amazon sellers have failed to achieve their desired goals due to increased competition in the online marketplace. Consequently, it has been necessary for sellers to analyze Amazon’s competition to stand out from the other competitors.
2020 was an incredible year for Amazon, and with the increase in profit, we observed massive competition among Amazon Sellers.
With the Chinese manufacturers directly selling on Amazon and earning a huge profit, we hope that the overall competition on Amazon will increase in 2021.

4. The advertising strategy

Amazon is the most profitable online marketplace in the world. It has unique advertising strategies and techniques which attract consumers to buy more products.
Last year Amazon added many unique features to its sponsored display ad type, and it’s also working best on the content they are publishing on social platforms to increase their sales.
In 2021, we expect that Amazon will bring new and exciting changes to its advertising strategy by adding more features such as advertising posts, promoting the product within a live video, and much more!

5.  The pricing strategy

Amazon pricing is what keeps people purchasing. Last year the pricing strategy was different, which helped the Amazon sellers to gain more profit!

It is also essential to monitor the new competitors coming into the marketplace and know about their pricing strategies.

We expect that in 2021, Amazon Sellers will come up with new changes by keeping their pricing strategy easy and straightforward. You can also offer unique discounts on your product line to boost your initial sales and do well. It is vital to keep track of your prices, Setting up new techniques, rules and watch what your competitors are doing!

Besides other changes, it is also necessary to keep your prices competitive. Use the Amazon repricing tool for your pricing strategy. Alpha Repricer is the fastest Amazon repricer. Our algorithmic repricing keeps your prices competitive and helps you win the Buy Box more often.


2020 was a tough and challenging year, but Amazon is not the one to sleep on new and exciting opportunities. It has always encouraged its sellers to lead and grow.
Above are the aspects of selling on Amazon that will change for sellers in 2021. We hope this year brings exciting opportunities for you to increase your sales and profit!

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