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May, 4 2021

Top Features You Need in an Amazon Repricer in 2021

Features you need in an Amazon repricer in 2021- Fastest Amazon repricer

Amazon sellers know that an Amazon repricer can help them win the Buy Box at a much faster rate. However, not every repricer is equal in terms of features. Some repricing tools have very basic functions. Other others offer an amazing set of features and user experience for sellers. If you want to get an edge over your competitors in 2021, then using an automated repricing tool is a must.

In choosing an Amazon repricer, we highly recommend you to consider that you consider the fastest repricers with a high-efficiency rate. But there are other features that make a repricer worth the investment. We have highlighted the top you need in an Amazon repricer in 2021!

Let’s dig in!

What is repricing, and how does it help your business?

Pricing your items always plays a big role in the e-commerce industry. First, you have to set your initial product prices at which you would ideally set your items. Once you list your products, you must reprice them to stay above your competitors. Why must you reprice? Well, having the best prices in the market make customers choose you over other Amazon sellers.

Repricing is the process of adjusting your product prices up or down. Automated repricing works according to specific rules that you configure on a repricing tool based on the market.

Automated Amazon Repricing is necessary for your business if you want to improve your performance on Amazon. Manual repricing can help you a little bit, but if you’re going to grow fast, you can’t ignore the features that an automated repricing tool offers you!


1.      An Amazon repricer that allows you to set the rules

The main repricing feature to look for is the flexibility of rules! An automated repricer should already have a set of pre-configured rules that you can choose from and apply. Besides, it must also provide enough flexibility for sellers to put in their own rules. A repricer that offers rule-based as well as algorithmic repricing always takes the lead!

2.      Algorithmic repricing that helps you get what you need

Amazon repricers are supposed to be efficient enough to help you increase your sales and profit. Make sure you sign up for the trials repricers offer to see if they help you win the Buy Box or increase your profit as they claim.

Understand how the repricing software works and if it is going to help you stay competitive against other sellers. If you don’t want to set different rules, consider using an amazon repricing tool with innovative algorithmic formulas. Always go for a repricer that proves itself to be effective during the trial period.

3.      Offers fast repricing with realistic figures

Each Amazon repricer is allowed 30 price changes during an hour according to the rules by Amazon. If an automated repricing tool that reprices faster than two minutes, may be outside of Amazon’s rules.

Alpha Repricer is the fastest Amazon Repricer that responds to price changes within 2 minutes. We work according to the rules of Amazon and are a perfect fit if you want to spend on a fast repricer that doesn’t show mythical figures.

You can learn more about this Alpha Repricer feature by clicking here!

4.      Shows you accurate analytics

As an Amazon seller, you’d want to know how your products are performing in the market. Automated repricing software is expected to have reliable data analytics. It will help sellers know the condition of their business and position in the market to make better selling decisions. The data analytics must include repricing history, inventory updates, competitors, and changes in sales and profit.

5.     An amazon repricer must provide the best customer service and security

If you are going to work with an Amazon repricing tool, make sure it offers the best customer service. You wouldn’t want to wait for the tool to respond to any price glitches that often occur on Amazon. You must have a reliable team working for you that solves all your issues. Plus, apart from performance, make sure the system is advanced enough to handle all the glitches and not be affected.

Security concerns are valid when you give access to your personal information, so double-check before doing that. Don’t fall for scams!

6.      Open to adapt to changes!

Amazon keeps on bringing changes to the platform. Whether it’s a new set of rules or advanced features. Any Amazon repricing tool you choose must be ready to change accordingly! It must be open to evolve with the changing market to help its clients stay ahead while working within Amazon’s rules and requirements.

Consider opting for an Amazon repricer that best fits your business’s needs. The best Amazon repricer must save you from all the pressure of keeping your products competitive in the market. Choose Alpha Repricer! We offer the fastest Amazon repricing in affordable price plans!

Alpha Repricer- the best Amazon repricing tool

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