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April, 26 2021

Top 5 Amazon Repricing Myths Busted

top five Amazon repricing myths

Many Amazon sellers out there are still against spending money on an Amazon repricing tool for various reasons. The repricing industry is surrounded by all kinds of myths and claims that include it being “a race to the bottom,” which is not true! A good Amazon repricer will price your product up or down depending on different factors such as your competitor’s price change or inventory level.

Let’s demystify the top five repricing myths that might be holding you back from automated repricing!

1.      A repricer costs a lot and is too expensive to invest in!

Myth related to Amazon repricing
myth vs. fact

Most sellers don’t invest in an Amazon repricing tool, thinking that they might spend more on automated repricing. However, not every repricer costs a lot of money!

You can spend all day adjusting prices, and still miss a few price changes. It is almost impossible to work around the clock or fast enough. The money you spend on a repricing software saves you time and energy to invest in other areas of your business making it worthwhile. A good repricer will keep up with the thousands of price changes occurring in the market. It maximizes your sales and profits and keeps on working day and night, even when you are fast asleep!

You can skip from the fear of repricing manually and making an error while adjusting your prices, putting your profit margin at risk. Investing in the right repricer is the best decision to take for sellers if they want to make more profit by selling more.

If you are a small seller who isn’t looking to invest a lot to sign up with a repricing tool, sign up with Alpha Repricer! We are the most affordable repricer on the market. The right repricer comes with different pricing plans. We have some of the best price plans to help you reprice without breaking the bank.

Alpha Repricer is the fastest Amazon repricing tool, with affordable pricing plans for every seller. You can first sign up for our free 14-day trial and experience our features. After that, you can choose the perfect pricing plan that fits your business needs and budget.

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2.      Repricing is always a race to the bottom!

Amazon sellers that automated repricing is a race to the bottom. The most common myth we come across is that repricers keep lowering their product until they lose their profit margin. However, if you sell with a rule-based Amazon repricing software, that shouldn’t happen! An Amazon repricer allows you to set minimum and maximum prices for your products to avoid pricing too high or too low. You can set your profit margin easily and choose who you compete with.

It works after analyzing the market and reprices up when it can! For example, when you are the only seller of a product, or you win the Buy Box, your products will price higher and increase your profit margin! A good Amazon repricing tool makes sure you don’t sell at a loss by giving you control.

3.      You have no control over adjusting your prices.

Myth related to Amazon repricing
myth vs. fact

Another myth that we usually hear is that an automated repricer reprices products automatically, and the seller has no control. The fact is that even an automated repricer works after you define the price margins and set your rules. Even with easy to use repricing tool like Alpha Repricer, you have to go through an entire process of putting up your initial costs, min/max prices, and set repricing rules according to your business. If you do it the right way, you are more likely to win the Buy Box and maximize your sales.

Plus, an Amazon repricing tool like Alpha Repricer also allows you to schedule repricing so that you can choose when to compete, and when to take a break!

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4.      Repricers are not for small sellers!

When you start your business on Amazon, choosing the right Amazon repricer helps you focus on more critical areas of your business. This is better than sitting in front of your computer, trying to keep up with the price changes. It gives you time to take care of important things. Automated repricing is essential for every seller out there! 

There are affordable packages for each seller to choose from with unique features and repricing strategies to help you get to the top! For example, one of our customers started repricing with us at an early stage of their business, and this is what they had to say about our tool:

Review by one of our clients

An Amazon repricing tool follows the rules you set and allows you to be the boss. It reacts to all price changes for you to stay competitive!

5.      It is risky to set up your prices with an Amazon repricing tool.

An amazon repricing software will allow you to check your prices before your new prices go live on the platform. You can easily import your previous listings when setting up your profile, add min/max prices and determine rules within just a couple of minutes! You can also take the trial first to see if your strategies and the repricer will increase your sales. With a flexible tool, you can also quickly adjust your min/max prices before going live on Amazon!

These are the top five repricing myths we came across and wanted to talk about. We genuinely hope we were able to clear most of the myths by stating the facts! Now that you know the truth about automated repricing, Reprice with us this Amazon Prime Day! Alpha Repricer is the best Amazon repricing tool in the industry and responds to price changes within minutes. Sign up for our free 14-day trial, and then make a decision! Contact us for more information.

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