Due to Covid-19 Pandemic, 2020 was not an ideal year for most of us! But there is no doubt that 2020 was the game-changer for online retailers. Because people started shifting towards shopping and selling online and things completely changed for FBA sellers.

As there is massive competition in the online marketplace. so it is essential for FBA sellers to know how to run and make their business successful on Amazon.

In this article, you’ll get to know about the changes that Amazon FBA sellers should know in 2021 to maximize their sales.

· Use Amazon Currency Converter

Its important for FBA Sellers to know how Amazon Currency Converter works? You can even sell your products to global Markets by using this tool.

For example; You are selling beauty products, and you live in the UK selling in the US. So you can use Amazon currency converter to make things easy for yourself because this tool will convert dollars into euros, and you’ll get the payment into your bank account.

You can get this optional service if you have a higher total processed volume. The higher the total processed volume, the lesser you’ll be charged.

· Do an Efficient Research

We all know how much product research helps FBA sellers to grow their business and create a reputable place in the online market. If you want to get a good profit, then choose a product above $30 minimum and start selling it by using effective techniques and methods.

Do complete research of the product you have selected. Learn about your competitors. Go through their content that they are publishing on various social platforms. Lastly, keep an eye on the strategies they are following to get sales!

· Product Pricing

In early 2020, this was the first time that Amazon suspended thousands of FBA sellers because they were selling products such as masks, sanitizers at a high price in order to maximize their sales and gain profit.

You can lose customers if you are unable to keep a track of your prices. Choose Alpha Repricer, to keep your prices meaningful and profitable as well. It is the fastest Amazon repricing tool that helps you keep your prices competitive all the time.

· Amazon’s FBA Program is Free for Initial Sellers

Amazon is the most profitable and leading online marketplace that offers an excellent opportunity to its new Amazon FBA sellers. As a new Seller, you can enjoy many benefits through Amazon’s fulfillment.

1. Free monthly storage for FBA Sellers

In 2021, Amazon provides its new Sellers the opportunity to get free monthly storage for the initial 50 units.

2. Free Returns for FBA Sellers

Before selling in 2021, you must know that there are free returns for five product categories that includes;

  • Shoes
  • Apparel
  • Jewelry
  • Watches
  • Luggage and bags.

3. Charges For Inbound Transportation

When you are a new seller on Amazon, it offers you a discount of $100 on inbound transportation which is UPS (Amazon’s partnered carrier).

· Orders Would be canceled Automatically

Amazon used to cancel such orders which were not confirmed or shipped within 30 days. But now it has changed its policy, and according to their new rule, they will automatically cancel the order if they are not confirmed or shipped within 7 days!

· You can get access to Amazon tools and A+ Content in 2021

We all know that Amazon cares about its FBA sellers and buyers. Basically, A+ Content is a marketing tool that helps to increase sales by providing in-depth visuals to your buyers. This program used to be only available for approved Brand owners, and it was a hectic process that can take 13 to 18 months to get yourself registered with the US patent trademark office.

But now, you can easily apply for your trademark through IP law firms in the Amazon IP Accelerator Program. It’s free of cost, and it will not take much time to get yourself registered!


Amazon has made things much easier for its new sellers. It’s important for FBA sellers to know the changes Amazon has made in the past 12 months.

Above are the few changes that would help you to lead and gain profit in the Amazon marketplace. Besides the changes, it is also essential for FBA sellers to keep their prices competitive. Try Alpha Repricer! it is the fastest Amazon Repricing tool that would reprice your items without asking for much in return!

So are you still waiting? Choose us by signing up for our 14-day free trial and experience it yourself!