While most sellers try their best to win the Amazon Featured Offer, they don’t always succeed. The Amazon Featured Offer is a quite popular, and highly prime feature on Amazon that allows you to be displayed as a top seller on the product page with a “Buy Now” button. Securing the Amazon Featured Offer considerably earns you more sales, increases customers, and boosts profits. Intriguing, right? It all sounds fun and games, but once sellers start trying to win it, they soon realize that it’s not that easy.

There are a number of reasons why Amazon sellers may fall short in obtaining the Featured Offer on Amazon. According to us, here are a few common issues:

Table of Contents:

  1. Competitive pricing
  2. Poor order fulfillment
  3. Unavailability of stock
  4. Newbies
  5. Ignoring Amazon’s regulations
  6. Low-quality products

1.      Competitive pricing:

It is a must for Amazon sellers to keep competitive product prices and maintain competitive pricing if they want to win the Featured Offer. If you do not meet the criteria, Amazon is less likely to choose you as the winner. In order to avoid the pitfall, we suggest that you align your product’s price with Amazon’s suggestions or undercut competitors.

Continuously repricing your products can be a difficult task, considering the fierce competition on Amazon. Automated repricing could be your way to go. Sign up with the best Amazon repricing tool which will help you stay on top of the product page.

2.      Poor order fulfillment

Fulfilling customer orders efficiently has always been a criterion that Amazon does not compromise on. Sellers who have a hard time with order fulfillment or do not provide dependable and quick delivery choices risk losing the Featured Offer to rivals who do a better job at delivering products on time.

FBA can be a better option for Amazon sellers who are currently struggling with order fulfillment. Let Amazon ship your orders while you focus on other crucial aspects of your business.

3.      Unavailability of stock

Running out of stock or having low stock can result in losing the Amazon Featured Offer. Amazon won’t even consider giving you the Featured Offer if there are complaints from customers regarding the unavailability of stock or your metrics shows clear low-stock levels. Amazon sellers who can reliability complete client orders without having inventory issues are usually preferred when assigning the Featured Offer.

However, the advice we would like to give here is to proactively replenish inventory to prevent stockouts. This way, you will be able to complete each order and have better chances of winning the Featured Offer.

If you have just started selling on Amazon, then securing the Featured Offer can be a far-fetched dream. Until you are an established seller on Amazon with a good selling history, it might be a little harder to get your hands on it.

Establish yourself first and focus on gaining more customers. Once you start getting positive reviews, and repeat customers, then try to compete with other sellers.

5.      Ignoring Amazon’s regulations

Violating Amazon’s policies jeopardizes Featured Offer eligibility. Specifically, trying to gain fake reviews, or selling prohibited products on Amazon can create difficulties for your Amazon Business. As an Amazon seller, the best way to have a successful selling journey is to avoid all the activities that might lead to account suspensions.

Let us be clear about this, it’s a big NO to ignore Amazon’s guidelines. Adhere strictly to them to maintain a successful seller account and preservce your Featured Offer prospects.

6.      Low-quality products

Selling fake, cheap, or low-quality items on Amazon will bring in negative reviews; which will result in you losing the Featured Offer. Sellers offering the best quality products have higher chances of winning the Featured Offer and getting maximum sales.

Prioritize offering the best products on Amazon at the best prices to bolster your Featured Offer prospects.

In Conclusion,

The dynamic algorithm of Amazon makes it tricky for sellers to win the Amazon Featured Offer. Nevertheless, with our actionable tips and approaches, you can definitely increase your chances to get ahead in the game. Follow for more content! Stay tuned for more insightful content.


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