How to Integrate WooCommerce with Amazon to make Shipping Easy?

WooCommerce Amazon Integration

As an Amazon Seller, you always have the opportunity to increase your sales and maximize your profit. However, in order to make more money, you must explore more platforms to display your products. E-commerce platforms such as WooCommerce have become the most pursued site by buyers, and you can consider selling there to earn more!

The WooCommerce extension for Amazon FBA means that your buyers can look for your products and shop from WooCommerce; However, Amazon takes the responsibility of the packing and shipping of each product your customers buy.

Let’s start by understanding the terms in a better way!

What is Amazon?

Amazon is hands down the largest platform for sellers to start their e-commerce business. There are many advantages that the users get by using Amazon.

The best part about selling on Amazon is that you can start as a new seller focusing on the start-up or as a professional seller introducing his brand on the platform. Amazon has become a leading e-retailer in the U.S. Recently, the statistics of 2019 showed that the market capitalization of Amazon is more than 700 U.S. billion dollars! And we are pretty sure nobody is going to challenge that. Amazon has been growing ever since and has become the most popular shopping site worldwide.

When you sell on Amazon, one thing you are guaranteed is a lot of traffic and engagement on the site. Amazon currently has 2.58 billion users that visit the site every four to six months. With this fantastic customer base, sellers are confident to present their items and attract customers to increase their sales!

Is there any other platform that can give competition to Amazon? Well, let’s see!


It is important for sellers to work with prominent e-commerce channels to get more customers. One platform that can help you get that edge is- WooCommerce.

WooCommerce is known as a powerful, well-built plugin for WordPress that sellers can use for free! This plugin allows you to sell your digital and physical items on the platform easily. WooCommerce has been downloaded by over a million sellers worldwide! The benefits of the marketplace have seen it become a trusted plugin for WordPress. The platform has been growing to take its place in the e-commerce industry.

WooCommerce states that they own and deal with a third of the online stores out there. Now, as a seller, you wouldn’t want to miss the chance to work with a rising e-commerce market leader.

Your sales will shoot up, so we recommend considering the platform. However, you might have some questions regarding how to handle every aspect and the best way to ship your products. Well, let us answer the questions for you!

Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA is there to help each seller that starts their business on Amazon and sell products. It is the perfect solution if a seller is looking for packing and shipping services. It allows you to sell your products while not being worried about the items’ packaging and shipping. Amazon completes all your orders and delivers them to your customers. They also relieve you of storing your inventory as Amazon’s warehouse keeps your stock safe.

Amazon FBA serves as a highly innovative, advanced fulfillment center by Amazon and is used worldwide. The best part is that the network allows you to increase your sales by reaching more buyers due to their trusted customer base!

Moreover, Amazon provides you with regular updates about your inventory list. They take full responsibility for your shipments, starting from the warehouse to the doorstep of your customer. In short, you don’t have to waste time finding the best shipping company to deliver your products; Amazon FBA has you covered.

Amazon also handles all the returns and refunds, if it happens. If any blunder occurs, then Amazon replaces the product and sends it back or refunds the money. The FBA method is the best way to secure your inventory and satisfy your clients.

And you can instead focus on your marketing strategy!

Integration of WooCommerce with Amazon

Once you integrate Amazon with WooCommerce, you can multitask and handle both selling platforms simultaneously with accuracy and speed.

This article will help you understand the integration of Amazon with WooCommerce and how to make the best out of it!

Features offered by WooCommerce and Amazon Integration

These are some of the major features offered by Amazon WooCommerce Fulfillment that help you sell in a better way!

1.      You get two different channels to sell your products

You probably know that these two channels operate on very separate layouts and policies. Both of the channels require constant effort, which is time-consuming. You can’t manage every aspect by yourself, and it gets pretty tricky when each platform has a broad customer base. How will you be able to manage each selling channel?

2.      Selling the same inventory.

Primarily, sellers sell the same products on every selling channel to grow their brand and make their products successful. Inventory management is not an easy task for updating every little change you make in the stock-list or the prices of your products. You have to update all of your websites so that each of them has the same information regarding a product. It is a challenge since you can’t control your entire inventory in one go!

With this integration of WooCommerce and Amazon FBA, your inventory is well managed and in sync so that you don’t have to worry!

3.      Connect your inventory and control it across different channels

WooCommerce and Amazon FBA integration is a cost-effective way to avoid this difficult multitasking. It is not going to waste your time or take your money. You will easily be able to manage both of the platforms and your inventory by using this tool. This extension is going to make your e-commerce management easy and innovative.

Once your accounts are connected, Amazon FBA allows your inventories to be updated in bulk quantity. This is instantly displayed on WooCommerce and Amazon. You can also make changes that directly have an effect on the accounts. It means that you don’t have to edit the price changes on each platform or update the description by yourself. Amazon FBA automatically updates all the changes in every e-shop. Also, you can easily manage your inventory and see all the updates on a single website.

5.      Shipping made easy!

This fulfillment by Amazon allows you to manage your inventory and fulfill all your orders by using one website. The tool has WooCommerce, and Amazon integration with the shipping included. You can easily send your orders to your customers from different selling channels by using only one platform! This plugin is integrated with almost every shipping company that is present. After you receive an order from the customer, just pick any shipping carrier you want to use!

6.     You can multitask

Having WooCommerce and Amazon FBA integration saves your time! You can manage your inventory easily without worrying about shipping companies. Once the shipping company announces your channel, Amazon FBA gets to work and adds tracking numbers so that you get updates on every activity. It is not only a management software but also helps you stay up-to-date about your orders.

Advantages of WooCommerce Amazon Integration

Now you know that you can easily transfer your product information across both of the selling channels with this extension. It helps in decreasing human error while entering your data. Amazon FBA comes with many advantages that the sellers have pointed out, such as:

·         Verifying your product information

Amazon FBA allows you to verify that the information on your product is according to the policies and rules of Amazon.

·         Order acceptance

Your orders are acknowledged and accepted by the system automatically once they are created, so you don’t have to go through unnecessary steps.

·         Takes care of the refunds

The integration allows you to deal with refunds in a better way! You can process refunds of your customers directly.

·         The best way to get updates!

You can easily manage your orders and get all the necessary information present on a single dashboard. You can acknowledge your orders or cancel them without going through any difficulties.

·         Upload inventory in bulk

You can upload as many products as you want to as Amazon FBA uses the API of the Amazon marketplace.

·         sellers can use this plugin with any other software too!

You can use this plugin for ShipStation, ShipWorks, or a different software of your preference.

There are many useful options that you can benefit from by using WooCommerce Amazon Fulfilment. This extension can help you increase your sales and provide your buyers with a different payment gateway experience.

Disadvantages of WooCommerce Amazon Integration

·         It is costly

We will not suggest you opt for Amazon FBA if you cannot afford the initial costs. There are a lot of charges to keep in mind before getting into this. There are hidden costs and total charges linked whether you want to go for Amazon FBA or Self Fulfilment. However, using Amazon for shipping can be cheaper than packing your products and then shipping them by yourself. Consider the storage fees and shipping charges before you make a decision.

·         You can get in trouble if you get suspended!

If Amazon suspends you from selling on the platform, you lose shipping authority for WooCommerce. Many sellers have seen the drawback of listing the wrong products on the platform. Your account can be banned because of negative reviews and also if you compromise on quality. Amazon runs proper banning checks once in a while to ensure customer service and quality of the products. This is a huge task for brands to manage everything well to keep selling on both platforms.

·         You don’t get the benefits of prime shipping.

It is not prime shipping. That means you don’t get to ship your products in 2 days when you use Amazon FBA. It limits the options of shipping your products, and you don’t get certain privileges.

·         Restrictions on product categories

You have to go through some extra steps and pay higher fees for storage if you want to sell products from restricted categories such as aerosols or high voltage batteries.


The main motive of Amazon FBA is to allow sellers to manage their businesses well and save their time. It is a platform offering multiple services for businesses to grow their sales. However, you must consider if it is the best choice for your business, especially when the disadvantages are concerning.

Research about the fulfillment costs and any extra charges related to Amazon FBA and then decide according to your business plans.

However, once you start using the extension, then you don’t have to worry about anything! The team is going to handle everything related to the set-up and installation of the tool.

Want to know more about Amazon FBA? Visit our site and read our blogs!

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