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August, 5 2020

Pro Seller Tips for Amazon Prime Day 2020

Amazon Prime Day 2020

There are three major dates that each Amazon seller is excited about, Black Friday, Amazon Prime Day, and Cyber Monday. Amazon sellers count the days until its finally time for Amazon Prime Day to start. If you are an Amazon Seller, then Amazon Prime Day is already in your target list. Hence, we are here to help you learn more about Prime Day and some tips to knock your competitors out.

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What is Amazon Prime Day?

Prime Day was launched particularly for Amazon Prime members in 2015. It gives some serious competition to Black Friday, being the second-largest day for shopping for Amazon Prime shoppers. For sellers, we call it the money-making day as it is one of the most active selling days. Every year, Amazon Prime Day breaks its previous records by offering amazing deals and discounts for its shoppers. Thanks to millions of shopaholics for giving our sellers a chance to maximize their profits!

When is Prime Day this year?

Amazon Prime Day got delayed due to the pandemic situation going on. However, the day got finalized a few days back.

Amazon Prime Day 2020 is going to start on August 6, 2020, at midnight in India. It is going to be a 48-hour Prime day and people can take advantage of the most amazing deals.

What is in it for sellers?

Selling on Amazon Prime Day is worth it. You know why? Because getting a chance to promote your products to a huge shopping-friendly crowd is very rare. The prime day always breaks all the sales records each year, so you can figure out the advantage of being the top seller. If you are scared of the investment on the cost of Lightning deals, then you shouldn’t be. The exposure you are going to get with all the traffic is going to justify your initial expenses.

However, being a Prime seller on Amazon is not that easy. You are in constant pressure of doing better than your competitors. To help you with it, Alpha Repricer is here! Let us handle your listings and assist you in optimizing your revenue. Besides, it is free of cost to subscribe!

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Seller Tips for Amazon Prime Day 2020

Selling on Amazon Prime Day can turn out extremely profitable for you or a complete nightmare. In particular, you have to compete with millions of sellers that may have better strategies. To step up your game, we present you the most important tips to work on

Let’s have a look!

1.    Make sure to have enough inventory in stock

To promote your most trending items, you have to stock them up. Always play smart and invest in the inventory that you can afford to lose. Running out of stock is a big no-no and you can end up getting a low seller score. You will have to make sure that you have enough stock to offer your customers. It is very important, so pay extra attention to this tip.

2.    Use Hashtags-Get Social!

If you are selling branded products, use all the trending hashtags related to Prime day and spread your word. Let the customers know you are offering the best discounts and deals. Social media can help you a lot in increasing your sales as people are always looking up to shop. Now is the perfect time to use all the social media platforms for your good. Use hashtags, write attractive posts, and offer them better deals.

3.    Be creative this year for Amazon Prime Day

Creativity is the key to attract customers. Generally, you face a lot of competition even when it comes to posting fancy. If you don’t differentiate your offers from others, you can get lost in the crowd. Throw better deals, advertise in a better way. Let your customers know you have a lot to offer. Be creative to help your products stand out or else winning the Big Box can be difficult.

4.    Set prices Accordingly

If you think selling cheap products can get you on top then you are wrong. Sellers have to make sure that all your profits override the expenses. You can go for best amazon repricing tool to reprice your products and give your competitors a hard time. A repricer will give you an edge amongst all the seller. Using a smart repricing tool can help you stand out for your buyers. You have to optimize your listings to make sure you win the Buy Box.

5.    Offer Free or Fast Shipping

Generally, Customers will prefer buying from such sellers offering free or fast shipping. Inform all your suppliers to stock up your entry and make sure to deliver products in one to two days. It is ideal and will help you gain more customers.

6.    Set a plan and execute appropriately

For the most part, you need to make sure that you can fulfill all the orders that come your way. You can not handle Amazon Prime day on your own. We suggest you hire workers or ask for help temporarily. Just make sure you set your plans and then work on the execution, considering all the scenarios.

In conclusion, we suggest you complete your research and prepare in advance for Amazon Prime Day. I hope our tips help you get on top. If you are worried about looking after your listings, then let us help you automate your pricing.

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