Amazon Prime Day 2020 is just around the corner and people are already very excited! Even, the question, “when is Amazon Prime Day” – was probably the most asked question by e-tailers these days. This 48-hour event brings exclusive deals for buyers and an amazing opportunity for Amazon sellers to double their sales and earn substantial profits. 

Alpha Repricer is excited to inform you that October 13 and 14th have been set as Amazon Prime Day 2020. Accordingly, we have aligned a few tips for sellers to get themselves prepared for this crazy buying season! For that, please keep reading the post.

When is Amazon Prime Day 2020?

Amazon always keeps the exact dates a secret and reveals it only a few days before the event. It usually takes place in mid-July. However, this year Prime Day got delayed various times because of COVID-19.

Well, the good news is that we finally have the dates! Amazon Prime Day is going to start from Tuesday, 13th October, and will continue till Wednesday, 14th October- save the dates!

Will Amazon Prime Day get canceled in 2020?

Judging by the current situation, there might be a slight chance for Amazon Prime Day to get canceled. We hope that doesn’t happen though! Amazon is doing all it can to recover its logistics so it’s probably unlikely for the Prime Day to get canceled. However, if it happens, then we can look up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday to bring us massive deals and opportunities.

How long is Amazon Prime Day 2020 going to be?

Amazon extended Prime Day for the first time in 2018 from 24 hours to 36 hours. In 2019, it got stretched to 48 hours. As for 2020, the buyers and sellers are going to enjoy Amazon Prime Day 2020 for 48 hours too!

In how many countries is Prime Day 2020 happening?

Amazon Prime Day 2020 is most likely to happen in 19 countries. 17 countries being the U.S., U.K, U.A.E, Singapore, Mexico, Spain, Netherlands, Japan, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy, China, France, Belgium, Australia, and Austria. Also, 2 countries are participating for the first time! Brazil and Turkey.

What exactly is Prime Day?

Prime Day was first launched in 2015. It is famous as an exclusive shopping event for Prime members of Amazon.  Under normal circumstances, it usually takes place in July. Giving serious competition to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it is the second-largest event for Amazon Sellers. The sales continue to be a huge success. Reportedly, During Prime Day 2019, Prime members of Amazon purchased about 175 million items worldwide!

For buyers, it is an event filled with amazing deals and discounts- a perfect bargain! For sellers, it serves as a chance to optimize their sales and maximize their revenues!

Importance of Amazon Prime Day 2020 for Sellers- is it worth it?

The answer is very short and simple, YES. Sellers get an amazing chance to promote their products to a very shopping-friendly crowd. Amazon Prime Day is the most awaited event every year. You have to pay for the registration, but after that, it’s all in your hands. With the right strategy and plan, you can get yourself at the top and catapult your profits!

Amazon Prime Day has been growing over the years. However, due to COVID-19, it is not going to be the same. The buying behavior of consumers has changed and we can notice a sharp shift in the market. As a plus point, online shopping grew 44.5% in Q2 and an additional 17.3% in Q3! Not to mention, the delay in Prime Day has given sellers enough time to prepare for the big event.

Ecommerce has increased by leaps and bounds in 2020
Ecommerce has increased by leaps and bounds in 2020

What are the important tips for Amazon sellers to prepare for Prime Day 2020?

There is always a chance for sellers to get overwhelmed during Prime day and miss out on the most important points which can maximize your profits. You compete with a sea of sellers and its way harder to get ahead. Whether you are an experienced e-tailer or a new seller, the tips below are very important to boost your sales! Note them down:

Highlight your well-performing products:

You might be thinking of focusing on your poor-performing products this Amazon Prime Day to increase their sales this season and bringing them forward. However, we suggest you promote your best selling products. Why? Because they can help you improve your rank much faster on Amazon, thus ending up increasing your ROI, return on investment.

Manage your Inventory:

Managing your inventory before the event is going to help you avoid all the unnecessary chaos associated with inventory management. Check your Amazon FBA and evaluate the past sales trends to be updated before this Amazon Prime day. Trends can vary due to COVID-19 but it is important to be up-to-date.

Bring out Multiple Deals for Amazon Prime Day:

If you want to go above and beyond to increase your sales, then consider giving in multiple deals of products at affordable prices. Amazon will have massive deals out there so make sure to research well and put your best foot forward.

Amazon coupons:

Offering Amazon coupons is the most effective way to grab the attention of buyers. They are always on the lookout for cheap deals. Make sure to promote your coupon well and making it visible for the bargain-hunting shoppers!

Lightening deals:

During Amazon Prime Day, Lightening deals can boost your sales quickly. They might run for a limited time but they are a constructive way to optimize your sales momentum and sales figures. However, new sellers must build their reputation before since they are of no use otherwise.

Grab Attention from social media:

Social media plays a very important role in bringing traffic to your listings. Promote yourself on social media with the help of influencers and other sources. Build your brand image beforehand. You can easily drive traffic to your products if you have an impact on the public. Highlight your upcoming discounts when you promote.

Keep an eye on your competitors:

Identify your competitors that are selling the same products as you. Note down the differences and make changes to your listings accordingly to bring more traffic. Besides, check out the brands with high search volume who work with similar products like yours. Make sure you track their keywords and hit their ASINs with Sponsored Ads by Amazon.

Improve your PPC strategies

We suggest you to use Amazon advertising to improve visibility and bring traffic. As for campaigns, create manual ones to enhance search visibility of keywords that bring the highest ROI. Automatic campaigns can come in handy to find trending keywords.

Prime Day could be the most lucrative two days
Prime Day could be the most lucrative two days

Get A Repricer to keep your listings on top:

It might be difficult for you to stay on top when you have several sellers out there selling the same products as yours. We suggest you bring in automated repricing if you haven’t already. And if you are into it, then we suggest you get the best repricer for your listings to optimize your sales and maximize your profits. To assist you, Alpha Repricer is always ready to help! Alpha Repricer is the fastest Amazon repricer and no, we don’t compromise on quality. It only takes us 65 seconds to reprice your listings. Check our blog to find out more.

With the right amount of planning and research, you can beat the crowd of sellers! We highly recommend to focus on the tips and work the smart way to rock this season.

If you need more help regarding Amazon Prime Day 2020, you can check out our detailed blog for Prime Day. Feel free to contact us if you are considering automated repricing to your tool bag. We’d be happy to quickly set up your repricing to not only meet the challenge of Prime Day but the holiday shopping that is almost upon us. What’s more, you can reprice at a fraction of the cost. We are offering 50% off for 2 months to new subscribers. Sign up below!


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