As the leading online retailer, Amazon offers abundant opportunities for sellers to thrive in the digital marketplace. However, managing a sizable inventory can often prove daunting. The task of preparing inventory can be especially challenging for sellers to handle independently. Recognizing this need, Amazon has introduced its FBA prep service, providing invaluable assistance to sellers in preparing their stock before sending it to Amazon warehouses.

Amazon FBA prep services help the sellers to save their time, money, and extra efforts. It ensures that the products are sent to Amazon at the right time without any damage!

What is Amazon FBA Prep Service?

Basically, Amazon FBA prep services help the sellers to collect the products and then prepare and package them. After the complete packaging of products, it sends the products to Amazon warehouses. It gives sellers a chance to invest that time and money in their businesses instead of consuming their time in packaging and sending products to Amazon warehouses.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Third-Party Prep Service

Amazon FBA prep services offer a multitude of features that attract sellers and make choosing Amazon FBA over other options compelling. Let’s explore these enticing services that can sway your decision towards Amazon FBA:

  • They collect products from the sellers.
  • After receiving the products, they do a complete inspection of all the products.
  • Amazon FBA prints a barcode on every product.
  • They take professional and high-quality images of the products.
  • Amazon FBA preparation service stores the products in their warehouses mostly from 7-30 days.
  • They do the complete bundling or Multi-packing of products in their warehouses.
  • Amazon FBA takes care of all the damaged items.
  • After packaging, it adds the expiration dates on products.
  • They manage all the import and export of the products.
  • They ship the items in as fast as 24 or 48 hours, which is a plus point.

Things to Consider while choosing a Third-party Prep Service

There are plenty of things that a seller should consider while selecting a third-party prep service for its products. Here are few of them;


Pricing is one of the most essential components while choosing a third-party service. Most sellers often avoid some FBA prep services due to their charges and decide to prepare and store by themselves, which sometimes makes things tough and difficult!

Sellers prefer paying for the prep services monthly instead of setting for every single item. Before choosing an FBA prep service, it is necessary to look for an affordable plan that meets your requirements!

Storage facility

This is one of the most necessary elements while choosing an FBA preparation service. Sellers prefer storing their inventory in the prep centers because they charge less fees and ensure the sellers that their products are safe. If a seller has a stock of 5,000 units stored in the prep center and sells 1,000 units each month, the remaining inventory remains stored and is safely available in the prep center.


Fast packaging and preparing of products attract sellers to use FBA prep service. A good FBA service prepares and packages your products in a short time. Most of the prep centers ensure to prepare and package the products in 24 or 48 hours.

 However, never go for those prep service centers that deliver late because it would ultimately decline the sales.

Why you should choose an Amazon FBA prep service?

Many other prep services prepare and package the items, but they avoid taking complete responsibility for all the products. Choosing the Amazon FBA prep service makes things much easier for sellers, if they follow all the rules and guidelines set by Amazon.

In Amazon FBA prep service, you deliver your products to the experts that prep, package and ship your products at the right time to Amazon warehouses. Timely delivery and proper packaging of products help the sellers gain their targeted customers and get more sales!

For initial sellers, prep service is a better choice to outsource their products. Moreover, it helps them to save their time and extra efforts.


Amazon FBA prep service makes things much more efficient for sellers. They help you take your business to another level, so choose a good FBA service to save your time and money!

Moreover, choosing an effective FBA service helps the sellers to get more sales and stay ahead of their competitors. For more information, visit Alpha Repricer!

Besides choosing an FBA prep service, it is also necessary to focus on your products’ pricing to increase your sales. Any repricing tool that you prefer must be affordable, quick, and continuous.

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