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March, 3 2021

What is Successful in 2021; Amazon FBA or Dropshipping?

What is successful in 2021, dropshipping or FBA?

Dropshipping and Amazon FBA

With the growth in eCommerce businesses, we have two successful eCommerce models: Amazon FBA and drop shipping. Basically, dropshipping is an eCommerce solution to all your selling problems. It is a process in which the retailer has to deal with the seller by placing an order. It will then deliver your products directly to the customers after getting the complete details.

Dropshipping is an easy and convenient process. You do not have to invest a large amount of money to get started. Many different countries sellers use drop shipping to save their time.

Amazon FBA, which is fulfillment by Amazon, is a unique program that has gained success and growth in a very quick time.

This program offers an excellent opportunity to Amazon FBA sellers related to shipping services. Amazon is a giant retailer, and there is high competition in the marketplace. So, Amazon takes care of your products that include shipping, packing, and other services.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA provides reliable services to its customers, but there are also some negative points that we can’t ignore, so let’s discuss them here;


·  Trustworthy and Reliable Services

Amazon is a well-known and successful company because it has gained customer satisfaction by providing them its services. It has a customer support team that immediately resolves all customer queries and helps you to focus on your business rather than getting worried about the shipment processes.

·    Large Audience

Building your brand’s image and gaining your customers’ trust is one of the most challenging tasks for a seller. But with Amazon’s FBA program, you’ll get to know more about your target audience and how they want their products to be!

·   Exchange and Return Policies

With Amazon’s FBA program, customers can quickly get their returns, plus they may also exchange their products if they are not satisfied!

This benefit helps Amazon FBA to maintain customer’s trust and gain sales!

·   Higher Profits

With Amazon FBA, sellers can easily sell their items at a higher cost and gain a good profit margin!


·  Massive Competition

We all know that there are uncountable competitors in Amazon’s FBA program. It can be quite tricky to convince your buyers to buy your products because you are not the only one selling here! So it’s better to analyze the strategies of your competitors.

· High fee charges

The charges for Amazon’s FBA program are a bit expensive, and it becomes quite difficult for every seller to afford it.

· Limitations

There are some strict rules and policies set up by Amazon which bound the sellers.

· Large Capital

It can be quite difficult for you to start your business with Amazon’s FBA program because it requires a large amount of money. Moreover, you are also required to pay a fixed amount of money to Amazon in order to get their services.

Advantages and disadvantages of Dropshipping;

There are also some positive and negative points of using the drop-shipping.


·  Fewer Risk factors in Dropshipping

There are fewer risk factors in dropshipping because there is no need to gather a huge inventory stock. You would hardly bear any loss in drop shopping. This is one of the significant benefits of dropshipping that attracts the customers to choose it!

· Time-Saving

With dropshipping, you don’t have to worry about the shipping and packaging process or keeping track of your inventory. It saves your time and allows you to invest this precious time in running your business smoothly and successfully.

·  No Location Issues in Dropshipping

In dropshipping, there are no specific location issues. It delivers products in almost every area. You have to just stay in touch with the manufacturers and your customers.

·  Less Capital Required in Dropshipping

With dropshipping, there is no need to invest a large amount of money. You can start it with low capital. It is highly affordable and time-saving!


·  Customer Support Issues in Dropshipping

If we talk about customer care, dropshipping has failed to achieve its customers’ trust and satisfaction because dropshipping doesn’t have a reliable customer support team.

·   Incomplete Information About the Products

Sometimes in drop shipping, your supplier doesn’t provide the complete or accurate information, so it becomes quite difficult to resolve all the customer queries related to the products you are selling.

·   Low-Profit Margin in Dropshipping

Dropshippers tend to charge more than wholesalers. Consequently, there is not a lot of room for markup. This results in lower profit margins. If you do use higher markup, you may lose sales to your competitors.

Which one is better, Amazon FBA or Dropshipping?

Both are successful eCommerce business models, but dropshipping comes with many benefits, for example, like it is easy to use. You don’t have to pay extra fee charges. There is no such huge amount of investment required to build your business, and you can enjoy complete freedom without any restrictions.

If you are a new seller, then dropshipping is the best and most affordable choice for you with minor risk factors!


Above are the pros and cons of Amazon FBA and dropshipping, which allows you to make a better decision in order to gain profit and sales!

Dropshipping is better because it makes the packaging and shipping process easy and convenient with affordable charges and lesser risk factors.

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