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Alpha Repricer is the best repricer

You signed up with a repricer to automate your repricing and manage price changes. But did you end up managing the repricer? You have questions and issues but end up waiting for them to get back to you with answers. Mainly, your expectations have not been met. Now is an excellent time to re-evaluate the situation and make the switch; to Alpha Repricer. Making the switch is smooth, without disturbance to your business.

As close to lightening fast repricing as possible

Alpha Repricer is the best and fastest repricer in the market. Our software responds to price changes within seconds. Alpha Repricer wins the Buy Box more often. We deliver phenomenal repricing with our feature-rich tool. We have been providing the fastest and most accurate repricing to our customers.

Simple registration, free trial

We have great features to enhance your selling potential. But you don’t have to take our word for it. You can check us out for a 14-day free trial. You give the least bit of information to start a free trial. No credit card information is taken.

Import your data to Alpha Repricer

If you are changing over from another repricer, download all your pertinent information from the old repricer. Information such as your minimum and maximum prices, current prices, and quantities can then be uploaded to Alpha Repricer from a .csv, .xlsx, .xlx format. You can also use FTP to transfer your data if you are using another tool, such as inventory management.

Easily bring data from your old repricer

Importing your inventory to Alpha Repricer from Amazon is even simpler. Link your Amazon account to Alpha Repricer, and an automatic import will start.

The transfer of existing information cuts down on the time of getting down to the business of repricing. Our users have taken as little as 15 minutes to start repricing.

Setting up: templates provided

At Alpha Repricer, we have made the process of setting up as intuitive and easy as possible. We have provided pop-up help as well in case you want more details. Our pre-configured repricing profiles take into account the general needs of any business. You may find these to be sufficient. Or you can use these to guide you towards fine-tuning profiles to meet your business plan. These settings automate your repricing so that your time is spent more effectively on other aspects of your business.

Automating repricing frees up your most precious commodity: Your time
Automating repricing frees up your most precious commodity: Your time

You can upload the existing minimum and maximum prices, as we mentioned earlier. Moreover, you can add or edit these prices in bulk by using formula.

Take stock: reports available

The dashboard shows quick numbers to show you repricing analytics and your sales numbers, such as the number of Buy Boxes won and the number of orders. Each field is a clickable field that can provide you a more detailed downloadable report for that field.

You can also generate reports of your choice from the reports screen. Also, each SKU in the Listings screen is an active link that opens that item’s analytics. These analytics give you deep insight into the performance of that item and the competition it has.

Taking stock

We at Alpha Repricer understand you need to know how your stock is doing with reference to sales and competition. We aim to provide enough analytics and reports about repricing so you can make successful business decisions.

Simple rules, sophisticated repricing

Alpha Repricer profile is the core of repricing. You can define in precise details, how and when you want to reprice your inventory. You can reprice generally or focus repricing to a specific fulfillment type. Needless to say, most of our users compete for the Buy Box. Towards that end, you can set rules for the focus. Or you can use our innovative Buy Box Hunter.

Besides these, you can prevent drastic price changes, stop repricing at a scheduled time, restart repricing from a defined price, etc. You can browse through the features we offer.

Have questions? We are here to answer them.

Switching repricers is a big move. You have probably pondered on the feasibility of the change. Many nights you have scoured the internet for the best repricer. And we respect the care you put into your business. We, too, take as much pride in our business of giving service to our users.

We have had businesses with thousands of items sign up and start repricing, with no problems. But understandably, some want more information before they start. Perhaps, you expect that this move will bring some disruption to your business. So, we assume that you will have questions. And we will respond quickly and thoroughly to your concerns. Everyone has a different learning curve. And we are ready to assist you in your comfort zone. We can reach out to you over the phone, Zoom, Skype, or email. You will be able to get your account setup and running in minutes. Come reprice with Alpha Repricer, you will be amazed.

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