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March, 10 2021

Make Money on Amazon 2021- Top 5 strategies to make it big!

Make Money on Amazon in 2021

Amazon is the leading online marketplace for sellers and buyers, and it has achieved so much in a limited time frame. Whenever it launches new products in the market, Amazon performs its best to increase customer satisfaction and reviews. As an Amazon seller, you must know that you are not the only one selling items here. Because there are uncountable competitors in the market, and they have much more knowledge about the products. So, It’s beneficial to analyze your competitors’ strategies and techniques to earn money and grow in the online market.

Ways to earn money on Amazon in 2021

Here are some of the ways to make money on Amazon;

·  Private label

Many of the Amazon sellers prefer selling their private label products on Amazon using Amazon’s fulfillment network because it helps them to lead and earn a large amount of money.

Private labeling simply involves sourcing from a third-party manufacturer and then sold under the retailer’s brand name. Basically, in private labeling, you sell pre-existing products by adding the description, logos on them.

The success of e-commerce businesses like Amazon has opened up a new avenue for sellers to make money through Private labels. Private labeling offers individual sellers an opportunity to create a unique and effective brand.

·  Wholesale

Wholesale is the process of purchasing a bulk of items from the manufacturer and then selling them to consumers. The items can be bought for a fraction of the retail cost because you are purchasing the items in the bulk quantity.

Just like many other things, wholesalers have also gone online. When we talk about Amazon wholesale, then there is no intermediary. And you can have the complete control of your stock orders and fulfillment.

It’s easy to purchase pre-existing brand items and then sell them. If you need bulk of products in wholesale, you will have to contact the manufacturers directly instead of retailers, and in this way, you can make good money which will further increase your profit margin.

·  Be a content maker

Start a lifestyle blog, add your thoughts and ideas, define the features and qualities of specific products, or mention the links of products you are promoting while writing the blog. If any consumer buys your product, then you’ll get a good commission.

Use Amazon Associates program. By signing up here, you’ll be able to get links that only you can be able to share.

Once the consumer makes a purchase, you’ll get a share of the sale, which is a significant way to earn money!

· Fulfillment by Amazon

When we talk about the Amazon FBA business, it is one of the best ways to make money without getting into much trouble.

In FBA, your items are stored in an Amazon warehouse, and you can make money from the items you sell without getting involved in the packaging, shipping, and other steps in the selling process.

You can also earn money by working in Amazon FBA and providing your services related to shipping, packaging.

· Online Arbitrage

Online Arbitrage is similar to physical Arbitrage. However, it is the process of buying items from an online retailer and then reselling them in another marketplace to gain profit and sales!

Online arbitrage is easy. Here you don’t have to be available physically to sell your products in the market. It’s easy to source from any website anywhere at any time.

You can also buy a bulk of products directly from the brand owner and start selling them on Amazon!


There are many successful ways to make money on Amazon. You have to start being productive to gain sales and profit!

Whatever the way you choose to make money on Amazon, it’s necessary to put in effort and make your business unique to defeat your competitors!

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