Alpha Repricer supports multiple Amazon marketplaces

Alpha Repricer is committed to help you expand your business. Alpha Repricer offers repricing for all of North America (USA, Canada, Mexico), Brazil, most of Europe (UK, DE, FR, IT, ES, NL), UAE and India.

Newly introduced repricing for Amazon marketplaces in Australia, Singapore and Japan

Offering fully customizable repricing strategy for global selling. Compete effectively by using Alpha Repricer.

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  • Buy Box Hunter

    Our innovative algorithm wins the Buy Box more often at higher profits.

  • Repricing Strategies

    Customize a repricing strategy or use one of ours. Price differently for each fulfillment type.

  • Powerful Formula (based on min/max)

    Set minimum and maximum prices in bulk using our formula screen. Use formula for Return on Investment (ROI), Profit Margin, Fixed Profit or make your own.

  • Comprehensive Logging

    Get a detailed log of your repricing. See what is being repriced and why.

  • Schedule repricing

    Set your repricing to stop or start at specific times, have a recurring schedule.

  • Advanced Dashboard and Reports

    Quickly assess how your listings are doing and be able to make your next business decision.

  • Repricing analytics

    Have the Buy Box price and owner information at your fingertips. See the top 20 sellers and their prices. Gives you valuable insight into the market.

  • Support

    Questions and tickets answered within 24 hours.

Choose your competition

Compete differently with each fulfillment type. Narrow down competitors with minimum feedback scores, ranking or shipping duration.

Fulfillment Type

Ignore, match or price differently depending upon your competitors’ fulfillment type.

Seller Ranking

Exclusively compete with sellers meeting a minimum ranking percentage.

Seller Feedback

Enter a minimum feedback score for your competitors.

Local & International

Filter competitors providing domestic shipping, international shipping or both.

Our Pricing Plan

Budget friendly subscriptions for Amazon sellers of all sizes.

If you have more than 50,000 listings, please contact us

You will receive the most innovative repricing at an unbelievable rate!


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