Amazon is the most popular and successful online retailer in the world. It has the second-highest number of customers in the UK.

More than 10.2 million people have Amazon Prime subscriptions in the UK” – (Source:

“According to a statistic, about 150.6 million mobile users accessed the Amazon app back in 2019” – (Source:

Amazon plays a vital role in revolutionizing online shopping and making the purchasing process more manageable and effortless for customers.

“According to a survey, more than 2000 plus UK consumers are more likely to purchase products from Amazon” – (Source: Marketplace Pulse-2020)

Moreover, this giant platform creates thousands of opportunities for its sellers around the globe. This e-commerce giant is on a rise and there is no stopping it. It is the most lucrative platform the world of e-commerce has even seen to date.

“Amazon has more than 9.7 million sellers, and 1.9 million sellers are selling and gaining profit actively” – (Source: Marketplace Pulse-2020)

Amazon UK

The UK has the most developed and profitable eCommerce market with high sales of $142 billion per year (Source: web retailer). Amazon UK ranks number four, contributing to the overall revenue of Amazon globally. Selling on Amazon UK can be highly profitable, and it works the same as in other European marketplaces.

(Source: Web Retailer-2020)

There is a massive competition among sellers on Amazon UK and provides plenty of opportunities to new sellers entering the market. Almost all the services provided by Amazon exist in the UK, such as Amazon Prime, Amazon FBA, and many more!

The growth in the overall sales of Amazon UK!

Amazon has 20 distribution services in the UK. It has an unbeatable sales growth in the UK, which is increasing rapidly.


In this chart, you can see how the sales have been increasing drastically from 2010 to 2020. Last year, Amazon UK achieved a whopping sales of $26,483 million (Source:

Tips to Boost your sales on Amazon UK!

Around 55% of the people start their day by searching for the products on Amazon (Source: If you want to turn those people into buyers and maximize your sales on Amazon UK, you must follow these tips!

·         Use heavy keywords

Using the most quality keywords can help the sellers rank on top. Research well and place related keywords in product listings. Customers do their product searches more on Amazon than Google.

“47% of buyers begin searching for products on Amazon, whereas 35% search on Google” – (Source: Wordstream-2019).

So, it is necessary to use valuable keywords in your product listings. Furthermore, high-quality keywords can help you boost your SEO rankings and can increase your seller’s ranking on Amazon.

With significant and valuable keywords, you will be able to drive more traffic and more clicks than your other competitors in the Amazon UK marketplace. Accurate keywords can play a vital role in increasing your selling techniques and can help you maximize your sales!

·         Your product title

To grab the attention of customers, it is important to make your product title attractive. Make sure your title differentiates your products from other competitors in the market. Below the title of your product, add the product description and add high-quality images to help you stand out!

Moreover, keep your product title short. It should be between 60 to 80 characters to gain customers’ attention and get more sales on Amazon UK!

·         Effective feedback and reviews can help you stay ahead!

“Sixty-four percent of Amazon sellers get a good profit margin in the first year of their selling due to the positive reviews on their page” – (Source: JungleScout-2020)

Getting positive reviews on your seller’s profile can become the most challenging task to do. Shoppers often prefer purchasing products from those brands that perform well and have positive reviews. Positive feedback can help you build the trust of your customers and can highly increase your sales and profit margin.

Negative reviews hold back your sales and leave you lost in the sea of competitors. If you have got negative reviews on your page, the first thing you can do is resolve your customers’ issues and then ask them politely to remove the negative feedback from your page.

“Customer feedback is the essential performance measure. It determines how well you are performing as a seller on Amazon. The customer metrics page provides you a report that tells how well you are doing with respect to customer satisfaction” (Amazon)

·         Your Prices must be competitive

When you do not set your prices based on the market, you give your competitors a chance to step forward. Sellers often get concerned about the pricing of their products, and when you don’t react quickly to the price changes, you often find yourself left out!

Use an Amazon seller tool for your repricing strategies to get more sales and increase your seller’s ranking. Any repricing software that you prefer must be quick, continuous, and affordable. Try Alpha Repricer. It is the fastest and best Amazon repricer. We reprice your products in a short time and help you increase your profits on Amazon. Moreover, we help you get the Buy Box, which is a win-win situation!

·         Use professional and high-quality images

High-quality images grab the attention of buyers. Take the best quality images of your products and then upload them. Capture images from every angle, which will ultimately help customers to know much more about your products.

“Due to the effective images, buyers are 64-85% more likely to make the purchase from your brand” – (Source:

If you want to promote your brand and increase your eCommerce business, you must focus on improving the overall quality of your images and videos!


Amazon UK is considered as the fourth most successful and profitable marketplaces globally. Selling on Amazon UK can be helpful for you to skyrocket your sales and gain more profit.

Pricing is one of the necessary elements to boost your sales on any Amazon marketplace. Any repricing software that you choose must be fast, affordable, and continuous and can help you reprice your products in a short time.

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