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Listing Features

Listing Features


This is where you will be able to view your entire inventory with multiple information. Just above listings is a section with multiple options. These options are related to your listing. These are actions that you can perform on your entire inventory or selected items.

all listings



You can sync your shipping information by clicking on one of the options here as shown below.


Move (Create Folder/Move to Folder)


Similar SKUs can be grouped into folders for easier management. To create a folder, click on “Move” on the options tab. This will open the Move Items to Folders prompt. Click the (+) option below Select the Folder option to create a new folder.


Once a folder is created, select all tick boxes you wish to move and click on the existing folder name to complete the move.



The History tab shows the status of the selected products, the action required by Alpha Repricer to continue repricing, and a short description regarding the selected SKU’s.

Item Analytics

Item Analytics is an excellent feature that displays information that can help you make pricing decisions for your products. This includes but is not limited to Sales, Buy Box History, Item History, Repricing Log, and so on.

analytics items

Repricing Log


The Repricing log gives a description of the selected SKU’s. It shows the SKU name, original amount, repriced amount, total min and max, and the quantity of the product.

Download Inventory


You can download inventory with relevant information with this option. The file will be available in .xls format. Once the file is downloaded, a notification will appear in the notification sections. Clicking on it will download the file.



The “Upload” option allows you to upload preexisting excel sheets directly onto Alpha Repricer; it retains all formulas and formatting of the original file.

Amazon Import


Although inventory is synched automatically, you can sync it manually through the import option whenever you want.

amazon import

Repricing on/off


Turn Repricing on or off for selected items, items on the current page or the entire inventory.


Repricing Profile


Attach repricing profiles to selected items, items on the current page or the entire inventory.




Set Min/Max for selected items, items on the current page, or the entire inventory.

Learn how you can set Min/Max formulas here.


Bulk Actions: Repricing on/off, Attach/Detach Profile


The options tab here allows you to manage your SKU’s using this, bulk profiles can be attached or detached, and their minimum and maximum values can be adjusted as well.

Alpha Repricer’s Import feature allows you to use a CSV file to download and upload your entire inventory or segments of your inventory. It’s a simple way to manage your products in bulk, with fields like Min Price, Max Price, Repricing Rules, and others where you can specify values.

Alpha Repricer imports are an excellent way to quickly review and update your product data. The import is most used to update Min Max prices and Repricing Rules, but it can also be used to set fees and read other information like ASIN, Quantity, and Fulfillment Type.

You must first choose the products to which the changes will be applied. When you select multiple products, the Bulk Edit Options dropdown will appear.

At any time, you can easily download a spreadsheet with all your SKUs that currently need Min and Max prices set via Imports/Exports > Bulk Imports then select Download Prices > Need Min/Max.