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Fastest Repricing Tool

Alpha Repricer, the best repricing tool reprices every 2 minutes hence making us the fastest Amazon repricer in the industry. Our repricing engine has proven to be as close to real-time repricing as it can get. Our tool monitors the competitors’ prices continuously. It responds immediately to price changes thus enabling users to stay ahead of the game in real-time.

Win Buy Box

Buy Box Hunter

The best repricing tool targets the Buy Box without cutting deep into the profit. Alpha Repricer’s Buy Box Hunter does just that. It is an innovative repricing algorithm for winning the Buy Box. Sellers have seen a 20% increase in Buy Box ownership after using the Buy Box Hunter. Learn more

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Powerful formula that aims for the win

Our repricing software enables the user to add formula in bulk to the inventory of any size. From setting Min/Max prices to creating customized formulas based on acquisition cost, item shipping, etc – all this and much more can be done in a matter of minutes! Learn more

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Top 16 Amazon Marketplaces and more to come

Alpha Repricer, the globally used Amazon repricing tool, supports multiple Amazon marketplaces.We continue to add new Amazon marketplaces. As Amazon opens up new marketplaces, we aim to follow. Currently, we support 16 marketplaces with more to come. best amazon repricer

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Customize your repricing strategy

Set up customized repricing parameters that best fit your business needs. Apply them to all or selected inventory items.Create as many strategies as you want. The tool allows you to price items differently for each fulfillment type. It lets you narrow down your competitors using smart filters and offers other innovative features as well. Here is why you should go for a repricing software. Learn more

Tool Protocol

File Transfer Protocol

Sellers who use an inventory management system or vendor-provided prices can update inventory through FTP.

Wait, there is more…

  • Repricing Profiles
    Setup custom repricing profile parameters according to your business needs. Attach them to all or selected inventory items.
  • Sync Inventory
    Alpha Repricer keeps your inventory in sync with Amazon automatically. Along with that, you can also manually sync your inventory with Amazon.
  • Quick Guide
    Quick help is available on all screens. However, the question mark icon provides help on how to enter required information or for quick explanations. Therefore you can turn the guide off when no longer needed.
  • Powerful Logging
    Alpha Repricer’s powerful item log provides in-depth industry level detail of Item competition, offers received, action taken by the tool and Buy Box winner.
  • Advanced Insights
    Dashboard shows dynamic graphs of repricing overview and competition history. Quick and detailed info such as repriced amount, Buy Box winner yes/no, etc. is also available. Sales reports provide critical insight into your business. All this and much more at your fingertips!
  • Phone Support
    Got an issue? Have a question? We are a phone call away. We provide phone support to all our customers with no extra charges.
  • Free Onboarding
    We provide free on-boarding sessions to help you get familiar with the tool. The free one-on-one training will give you the knowledge and skills needed to use the tool more effectively. The on-boarding sessions are included in your 14-Day free trial.

Our sellers love our tool and we have a retention rate of 80%.

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