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60 Sec-Signup

Account Creation on Alpha Repricer



Alpha Repricer is the best Amazon repricing tool in the industry. With Alpha Repricer’s fast repricing capabilities you can become a top seller on Amazon. Even our sign-up process can be completed quickly and takes not more than 60 seconds.

You don’t require a credit card to start our free 14-day trial.


Once you sign-up and link your Amazon account with your Alpha Repricer your products will start repricing.

14 day Free Trial

Sign-Up Overview


  1. Create an account using your business email address
  2. Provide your business name
  3. Select the Channel Setup (The Marketplace You Will Be Selling on)
  4. Link your seller account to your Alpha Repricer account
  5. Download your inventory
  6. Create your repricing profile
  7.  Set your minimum and maximum price
  8. Link your repricing profile to your inventory and start repricing

Getting Started


Enter your first name and last name and select location.


Select Marketplace


Select your marketplace(s) on this screen by clicking on the marketplaces.

Select MP
Once you have selected your marketplace(s), will need to complete the Channel Setup. The channel setup is where you select the marketplace and link your Amazon account to your Alpha Repricer account to download your inventory.

Link Account:


  1. Select your Amazon Store Name
  2. Create a Channel Account Name
  3. Create or choose a Pricing Profile
  4. Insert your Seller ID
  5. Insert your MWS Authentication Token


Enter the required information to link your Amazon account with your Alpha Repricer account. It takes a few seconds for the accounts to get linked

Link Account

Set Min/Max Prices


Selling on Amazon requires you to set minimum and maximum prices for your products. A Min (minimum) price is the lowest price you’re willing to sell a product for, whereas a Max (maximum) is the highest possible price you’re likely to sell at.
Alpha Repricer has the ability to automatically reset your products to their Max prices when your competitors are out of goods — this means you can make more profit on each sale when there is little or no competition.


Once you create and attach a repricing profile, the first thing you should do is set minimum and maximum prices for each product you intend to reprice. Alpha Repricer requires a Min and Max price for repricing to take effect. When setting this, always factor in the items cost, shipping charges, software cost, Amazon fees, and how much margin you need to make.

Welcome to Alpha Repricer

Set Repricing Profile


The next step is to either create a new repricing profile or use one of the profiles that already exist. Whichever action you perform, the profile will be attached to your inventory before repricing.
Attach Profile

Turn Repricing on/off


As your inventory is being imported, the tool will ask you if you wish to restart repricing as soon as the inventory is downloaded or if you wish to wait.

Turning it on will start repricing.

Turning it off will hold on to the repricing until you switch it on manually.